Why Use Granite Memorials?

Why Use Granite Memorials?

granite memorials

There have always been three factors limiting the efforts of the man to build up the memorials and monuments and these include the materials which are accessible and available, the tools which are required to create the memorials and skills which are essential in order to create a masterpiece of work. There are however number of materials to make the memorials but the most common is the stone and even in stone, the granite memorials are considered as the best because of the many benefits that it provides, and whether you are in Melbourne or anywhere in the world you will find that most of memorials are granite memorials and if you go to a Melbourne stonemason, he will also share the same idea with you. The features that this provide makes it suitable in every condition and some of these are discussed below:


The granite memorials will retain the shape and structure for almost a life time because of its ability to withstand the intensity of the environment factors such as temperature, pollution, moisture.

Heavy stone:

The granite is a heavy stone but it does not have much of the salvage value due to which it is saved from all kinds of robbery and thefts as there is not much of the profit in these.

Minimum maintenance:

The maintenance of the granite memorials is almost none and this is why most cemetery requires people to go for the granite memorials as the cemetery management will not have to spend most on its maintenance.


The granite comes in number of qualities in all around the world and the Melbourne stonemasons will also make sure that the highest quality of the granite is used in the manufacturing of the memorials. Not only this, but there are number of colour choices as well in this which can further be finished and polished to enhance its beauty. Although the cost of granite memorials has been slightly changed as it was in the past and it is because of the machinery that is being used is advanced and that creativity of the stonemasons have also increased and therefore, they produce much better memorials as compared to the ones in the past.

Flexible stone:

The granite is very flexible stone and therefore, it could be given any shape easily and anything could easily be carved on this. Not only this but the granite memorials are also saved from the damage of lawn mowing equipment.

The new technologies to produce and manufacture memorials of all kinds have transformed the way the memorials were perceived but the objectives of these remain the same through many years.

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