Why Choose Transcool Air Conditioners

Why Choose Transcool Air Conditioners

portable air evaporative air conditioning

Most of us have an air conditioner in our room, in our car and our workplace as well, air conditioner is a luxurious yet important need for a person because in hot weather, it is very difficult to survive without it, and one barely sleeps because of so much hot temperature. The fan does not fulfil the need of a human when in hot weather, this is why people who do not have air conditioners everywhere, they hate summer season while rest of those love to spend their time at beach.

People who are addicted to air conditioners cannot even go to a picnic or any other place which do not have air conditioner because of the hot temperature, but now they do not have to worry because Transcool has brought you with portable evaporative air conditioning and tent air conditioner Australia which helps you stay cool even in hot weather whether you are out or you are indoors. Here are some of the features of our portable evaporative air and tent air conditioner Australia:

Cool Air Excretion:

Most of the people do not believe that such a small device which is so light weighted can produce much cool air, but this is their misunderstanding because our product is capable of delivering the coolest air just as the air conditioner of a car or even more than that. You do not need to worry about the hot weather if you have got our portable evaporative air and tent air conditioner Australia.

Australian Constructed:

The conditioner is designed in Australia, most of the people do not buy electric products online because they think that there will be a defect, this product is Australian made so if there is a problem or you want any part of it, then you can get it from us.

Light Weight:

Since it is a portable air conditioner, it is light weighted and it is very easy to carry, we have made it user friendly so that they do not get any problem when they are using it or carrying it. The light weight allows you to carry the cooler anywhere you like, whether you are going to a picnic or you are going to sit in a garden or any place where there is no air conditioner.


Energy Efficient:

We understand that a portable cooler must not demand much energy; this is why it is energy efficient so you will not have to worry about power consuming. Transcool is the best choice for you if you want to buy our portable evaporative air conditioner; we are always striving to provide you with the best service and the best product. If you want to know more about our product, contact us right now.

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