Reasons To Have Timber Floors

Reasons To Have Timber Floors

For decades timber flooring has been used to style the floors. In old times when marble was extremely expensive, people turned towards the timber floors and why not? These floors serve not one but, several ways.  Nowadays, it is not that common as the artificial tiles and marbles are quite in fashion, but, those with the classic and luxurious taste buds still have timber flooring in their houses. Let’s have a look at why should we install timber flooring. 

Evergreen eyecatching aesthetic: 

The timber flooring is full of life no matter what era it is used in. These type of flooring give a stylish, chic and cozy look that is pleasing for the onlooker. One of the reasons to have this flooring is that it does not matter what type of interior you have in your specific building it will suit each type of interior. These can be designed in quite a versatile manner. For more information, please log on to

Easy maintenance: 

Timber floors are quite easy to maintain as compare to the other types of flooring. They will look new and good as the first day. Then if any part of the floor is damaged, it can be fixed very much easily. You don’t have to do much to keep it clean. Unlike marble or quartz flooring you do not have to spend your time cleaning the grouts to keep them good as new. Then after just few years, the grouts starts to break and hence lead to the breakage of the tile.  

Promotes health:  

By installing timer flooring one do not have to have a carpet in the building. Carpets are made of thousands of threadlike material hence, they are more likely to trap the dust particles and germs that cannot be removed without proper washing. So, not having a carpet is very healthy and that is because you cannot be your carpet every other day to keep it clean and hygienic. On the other hand, wood flooring can be cleaned with liquid cleaners and disinfectants etc.  


These timber woods are very heavy duty. They are long-lasting. Most of the natural wood flooring will last for hundreds of years. All you have to do is to give is a refreshing touch every 5 years. This way you will not have to do the complete makeover. This way you can save some extra money as well and then you don’t have to refinish your entire flooring every 20 years. So, instead of going completely traditional according to the modern era, have timber wood flooring. One of the wood floorings that is oak flooring never goes out of the fashion. So, buy timber floors in Melbourne and enjoy your chic looking floor. timber-floor.jpg

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